The Canary Islands' Secret

Everything on the little island of El Hierro is peace and calm. You're immediately enveloped in a magical embrace of inner awareness and calm amongst its beautiful volcanic scenery, the green of its lush forests and its spectacular sea beds, which have made the island a paradise for divers from all over the world. The short distances invite you to take a few hours to wander around El Hierro, peacefully enjoying the friendliness of the people, the flavour of the gastronomy and the extraordinary landscapes. Everywhere in this singular island territory – declared in its entirety a UNESCO biosphere reserve– there is a special atmosphere with spectacular views, such as that seen from the La Peña viewing point, at a height of 1.5 km above a sharp and striking fault. Below it, an immense plain covered in vineyards and orchards rolls down to the ocean, creating an image so beautiful that it is not easily forgotten. From La Peña, you can also make out the Salmor Rocks, a sanctuary for giant lizards (endemic to the island) that has a recovery centre for ensuring their survival as a species. Ready to discover the secret of the Canary Islands?