Excursion to the Cactus Garden, El Río Viewing Point and Los Jameos del Agua

Excursion to the Cactus Garden, El Río Viewing Point and Los Jameos del Agua

Approximately 20 minutes from the port where cruise liners arriving in Lanzarote berth, the Cactus Garden, in the municipality of Teguise, is well worth a visit. There are almost 1500 cactus species from all over the world here. Easy to spot from the road thanks to the large metal cactus at the entrance, this original garden was the last work by the wonderful César Manrique on the island of his birth and another example of the union between art and nature that dominated his work. Fans of gardening, in particular, and nature, in general, will acknowledge the great botanical value of its cactus collection.


From the Cactus Garden to El Río Viewing Point

In the extreme north of the island of Lanzarote, El Río Viewing Point, almost 500 metres above sea level, on the Famara Cliffs, provides extraordinary views of the Chinijo Archipelago, formed by two small islets and by the island of La Graciosa, separated from Lanzarote by the strait that lends its name to the viewing point. The group formed by the islands, the sea, the sky and the height of the cliff form an unforgettable image. The building that houses the viewing point, which seems to extend beyond the limits of the cliff, is of great interest, as is all the work by César Manrique.


From El Rio Viewing Point to Los Jameos del Agua

On the way back to the boat, this suggested route turns towards Los Jameos del Agua – one of the island's main tourist attractions, also in the municipality of Haría. Los Jameos is a volcanic cave with an underground lake that is home to a species of albino crab found only here. Starting out with this creation made by nature, Manrique's talent integrated an auditorium where all kinds of concerts are held, a garden of palm trees and one of the prettiest pools in the world, which can currently be visited but is closed for swimming. It also has a café and an exhibition room. All together, it is irresistibly appealing.