Excursion around the forests of La Palma

 Excursion around the forests of La Palma

Due to its incredible landscapes and deep forests, La Palma is also known as the green island and the beautiful island. All around the island, you will discover a magnificent network of trails that you can walk along to get in touch with nature. In the north-east of La Palma is Cubo de la Galga, an area that you split into two different walks: a circular excursion around the most spectacular area of laurisilva or a longer route that connects the path with La Galga Mountain with San Bartolomé Viewing Point so you can continue walking as far as San Andrés and Sauces.


From the boat to Los Tilos Forest – San Andrés

La Palma's star laurisilva is in the north-east of the island, 24 kilometres by road from the city of Santa Cruz and only 4 from the area of Los Sauces. The road ends close to the Los Tilos Visitor Centre, which has themed rooms, video showings and a café. We recommend the following two self-guided trails for visiting the reserve: a 2.5-kilometre one that takes us around the heart of the forest and another that goes up about 1000 metres to the fresh Marcos and Cordero springs, the first being the easiest.


La Galga, San Bartolomé Viewing Point and back to the boat

Easy enough to do with children or elderly people, the Cubo de la Galga Trail begins amongst scrub and little shrubs and ends up amongst specimens that are typical of the firetree and heath forest. The trail is about 12 kilometres long with a maximum change of altitude of 750 metres, which means you can do it in about 4 hours. As always, it is worth taking appropriate clothing and shoes, in addition to food and drink for a light picnic along the way, enjoying a day in nature before going back to the cruise liner.