Driving route from Telde to Ingenio and Agüimes

Driving route from Telde to Ingenio and Agüimes

Most of the population of Gran Canaria, with the third-largest surface area in the Canary Islands, resides in its capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (400,000 inhabitants), and key municipalities in the eastern area such as Telde, above all. This route, which departs from Puerto de La Luz and from Las Palmas, connects Telde to Ingenio and Agüimes – two towns where you can see the idiosyncrasies of the modern Canary Islands without forgetting the heritage and cultural traits of the past, and with lots of options for shopping and swimming.


From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Telde

From the boat in Puerto de La Luz, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, located in the east of Gran Canaria, we will drive about 24.2 kilometres to Telde, the second most important city on the island, with Gando International Airport. Telde has beaches such as El Hombre, Tufia, Hoya del Pozo, Salinetas, Aguadulce and La Garita. Its attractions include archaeological sites such as Baladero, Montaña de las Cuatro Puertas, Cendro and Tara, a wide variety of gastronomy, and large shopping centres.


From Telde to Ingenio

13 kilometres from Telde, we come to the area of Ingenio, where the Church of La Candelaria is the highlight. Also recommended is the Francisco Tarajano "park for reading", the Casa del Reloj (clock house), the Guayadeque Ravine (declared a Site of Cultural Interest), the Draguillo Ravine and rural settlements such as La Pasadilla. The Canarian Craftwork and Stone Museum is also noteworthy, as is El Carrizal. At the coast, Burrero Beach is must-see and its gastronomy and shops won't let you down either.


From Ingenio to Agüimes

A little more than 3 kilometres from the village of Ingenio, we get to Agüimes, in the east of the island of Gran Canaria. Vargas Beach –a world reference point for windsurfing— is a must-visit for sports fans, as are Arinaga Beach and Balos Beach. Amongst items to see there are the Parish of San Sebastián (cathedral-style), the municipality's visitor centre, the nature areas of Temisas and Guayadeque, Aguayro Rock, Bermeja Cave, the Chapel of San Bartolomé Apóstol and Mount Agüimes.